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Kings and Peasants – a few thoughts on class in fantasy novels – #Loncon3 & #BFC

Kings and peasants in fantasy This seems to be quite a popular subject of the moment, and I attended panels at both Loncon3 and at the British Fantasy Convention a month later, tackling the same subject – namely, why do so many people write about royalty, and not about ordinary folk. Of course, there are (great) novels […]

#Loncon3 – final round up and gallery – World #SF Convention

Final Say on Loncon3 Last round up on Loncon3 before I leave at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning for the BRITISH FANTASY CONVENTION in beautiful York, starring GOH Charlaine Harris , author of the Sookie Stackhouse series of novels, adapted to TV as TRUE BLOOD. Looking forward to a great weekend 😀 I did take extensive notes […]

#Loncon3 – Fantasy authors should ‘borrow, steal and pillage history’ – what say you?

Fantasy and History Panels at Loncon3 “Fantasy authors should borrow, steal and pillage history.” So sayeth George R.R. Martin, and he should know what he’s talking about. He is only too ready to talk about the many ways that people died in medieval times, and I think he’s maybe trying to cover as many of […]

#Loncon3 – what was in the dealers room?

The Dealer’s Room I didn’t take too many picture inside the dealer’s room, as it was pretty gloomy in there, but it was very much the usual array of books, second-hand and new, comics, t-shirts, jewellery, and memorabilia, but the one thing I’ve since kicked myself for not taking a video, was a huge pile […]

#LonCon3 – a varied progamme and George R.R. Martin talks

Loncon3 – panels As this was my first World SF Convention, I wanted to cram in as much as possible, and I took that to mean going to as many items of the near 1000 events on the programme as possible. Of course, by the third day I was panelled out, and started to miss a few […]

#LonCon3 – amazing hair on display #WorldCon #SF

Rainbows rule! A friend just had her hair dyed pink and purple, so I thought I’d give her some more ideas for the future based on some of the wonderful rainbow hues on display at Loncon3. Enjoy!                                   Cool, huh? [Note – if anyone finds their hair […]


Alternative Publishing Models Panel discussion at Loncon3 Perhaps my title is a bit unfair – there were a number of topics on the agenda for this panel, it just seems ironic that – no, let me get into that after you’ve read the following description for yourself: ‘Between the disappearance of independent bookshops, the dominance of […]

#LonCon3 – World #SF Convention – how was it?

WORLD SF CONVENTION I have been fortunate indeed that within the last year we have had both the World Fantasy Convention (see my reports via the sidebar categories) and the World SF Convention here in the UK. Over the last few days a number of people at Loncon3 have asked me if I enjoyed it. Well, […]