Maybe I’m just unfortunate. Maybe this is the way of things these days, but this experience is firming up my resolve that this will definitely be my last traditionally published book. These posts relate the situation so far: And so to the latest… Just before the last weekend in May, I received an email from […]

I find it hard to believe we can bring back a species this clost to extinction, but if it’s possible, then we should try. Thanks to Charles Yallowitz for bringing this to light. Please donate and share.

The garden is still taking up most of my time just now, so not much progress on the writing front, but that’s normal for me for the longer days and warmer weather. So, on the back of last week’s review of the prequel novelette, SPLINTERCAT, I thought I’d go right ahead and share my review […]

I missed out on a post last week due to the much anticipated and welcome arrival of Spring! Despite the lack of warmth and sun leading up to the opening of May, the weeds have been growing like, well, weeds. With the advent of better weather there was (and still is) an urgent need to […]

This past week I have been working away from home, and had a revelation courtesy of one of my enthusiastic clients: my new equestrian book is available on Amazon for pre-order, and has a firm publishing date. Well, colour me gobsmacked. Not only were there a huge percentage of the diagrams missing when I received […]

I’ve loved this series from the start – see my reviews of the earlier volumes: All I’m going to say is that I’m waiting eagerly for the next. I realise they might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they are definitely mine! Blurb It is an ordinary Thursday and things should finally be returning […]

I haven’t done one of these posts for a long time, and let’s face it, we can never have too many laughs, now can we? Writing-themed memes this time around… If only… And that’s it for today, folks!

For those of you who have been around here for a while, you already know that I am a hybrid author, with my novels self-published and my non-fiction equestrian books produced by a traditional publisher. You might also have noticed a while ago that I was commissioned to write another equestrian title by my current […]

Today I have a guest post for you, bringing you a new (to me) design platform for creating all those essential graphics that an author needs. Take it away, In today’s competitive market, it is vital to create visually appealing materials to grab the attention of potential readers and increase sales online and offline. […]

I read this one back in December, but held off writing my review until I’d read the entire series – always a good sign! I did read one or two other books in between, but always purchased the next in this 6 book series as soon as I’d finished the previous one. The setting is […]