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How to write horses wrong – reblog #writing

Back in November, I copied a post from Nicholas C. Rossis’ blog, in turn reblogged from Dan Koboldt, about casting horses in fiction. I subsequently followed Dan’s blog and a while ago he added a further post on the subject, which I’d like to share with you now, as it made me nod my head […]

Casting Horses in Fictional Worlds

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
I found this excellent post on horses on Dan Koboldt’s blog. It is part of his weekly Science in Sci-fi, Fact in Fantasy blog series, where he tackles one of the scientific or technological concepts pervasive in sci-fi (space travel, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.) with input from an expert. Be…

Did you know horses’ teeth never stop growing? #Horse tips for #writers

Now there’s a fact I’ll bet few of you knew. I stopped writing these horse info posts a while ago, when I discovered the huge differences between US and UK terminology and other issues, which involved spending too much time on research. Then again, I thought I might do a few like this one, that aren’t going […]

Natural aids – how we communicate with our horses – Horse Tips for Writers

Aids? You may wonder why you might need aids to ride a horse, natural or artificial, but believe me, you do. Aids are the umbrella term for the methods we use to communicate our desires to a horse. They are split into two categories: Natural aids Legs Hands Seat / body weight Voice Artificial aids […]

What is colic? Horse tips for writers.

Tummy ache You may have heard the term ‘colic’ used in relation to babies. Broadly it means the same thing in horses, but is a condition that must be taken very seriously, with around 5% of colics having the potential to be fatal. I should know – I’ve lost three this way over the years. Potentially […]

Interview with my alter ego, dressage trainer Debby Lush

Debby Lush is a Grand Prix rider, List 1 judge and the bestselling author of The Successful Dressage Competitor and The Building Blocks of Training. She has taken time out from her busy schedule of riding, judging and training to talk about near misses, swapping from eventing to dressage and her “disastrous” first pony.  What made you first get […]

What exactly is a piebald? – horse tips for writers

Do you remember the film, NATIONAL VELVET? Do you also remember that the horse in that film was called, ‘THE PIE’? Have you ever wondered why such an odd name for a horse? I guess the film makers just couldn’t find the appropriately coloured horse for the part, so they went with a SOLID COLOURED […]

How old is that horse? Horse Tips for Writers

How long does a horse live? At what age are they still working? Do you know how to equate horse age in human terms? NO? Guess that’s why you’re here then 😉 How long does a horse live The answer is, of course, as long as a piece of string. Average life expectancy rather depends […]

So horses are unpredictable, right? Horse Tips for Writers

Yay! I’ve finally got my HORSE TIPS FOR WRITERS properly underway 😀 You can get there either from the page of the same name on this blog, or follow directly. So I’ll be posting these tips on here as before, but they will be more clearly categorised and not cluttered up with other topics on […]

3 ways riders communicate with horses – Horse Tips for Writers

Rider communication with horses If your horses are in a fantasy world, try telepathy. For those of us stuck in mundanity, ways to communicate wishes/instructions to a horse come broadly under 3 categories: Natural aids (no, not the marital type!). These consist of a rider’s hands, legs/feet, and weight. Voice Artificial aids – whips, spurs, gadgets.   Natural aids can […]