#LonCon3 – amazing hair on display #WorldCon #SF

Rainbows rule!

A friend just had her hair dyed pink and purple, so I thought I’d give her some more ideas for the future based on some of the wonderful rainbow hues on display at Loncon3.


IMGA0145  IMGA0142

IMGA0178    IMGA0210

IMGA0211    IMGA0218

IMGA0225    IMGA0229

IMGA0232    IMGA0242

IMGA0243    IMGA0244

IMGA0245    IMGA0246

IMGA0249    IMGA0250

IMGA0259    IMGA0136

Cool, huh?

[Note – if anyone finds their hair on display here and would rather it wasn’t, please email me using the contact form on my ‘About’ page and I will remove it] 


  1. Very Cool!!!! I used to love to dye my hair bright colours!

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    1. I’ve been many shades, but always ginger.

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      1. Let’s see – I have been pure white, pure white with brilliant blue streaks, magenta, hot pink, purple. . . oh, and one time pure white with brilliant red and black tips!

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      2. Oh I’ve fancied having the tips died a different colour but haven’t tried that yet. Perhaps I should give it a go…

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      3. I loved it. My friend who was a hairdresser in Venice Beach CA used to play with my hair all the time. She dyed it white, then cut it so that the tips stood out all around my head. Then she dyed the tips brilliant blue. Another time, red and black. So much fun!

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