#Loncon3 – what was in the dealers room?

The Dealer’s Room

I didn’t take too many picture inside the dealer’s room, as it was pretty gloomy in there, but it was very much the usual array of books, second-hand and new, comics, t-shirts, jewellery, and memorabilia, but the one thing I’ve since kicked myself for not taking a video, was a huge pile of TRIBBLES! Not only were they in all shapes and colours, the larger 2 of the 4 sizes vibrated and purred in true tribble voice when you touched them or even clapped your hands near them! Awesome!

I only just restrained myself from purchasing one, on the grounds that it would probably not survive my Jack Russell terrier, Frodo, for long.


There were, of course, lots of stands and a whole area for costuming, and I was sorely tempted by this lovely array of bodices, but couldn’t think of enough occasions when I might realistically wear one.

No comments or suggestions invited…




The Micro Drone – a slightly disturbing little toy




Probably one of the most intriguing – and disturbing – items on sale was the Micro Drone.

Looks kinda cute, huh?




If you’ve watched Marvel’s Agents of Shield, then you’ve probably seen them already – I’m sure they are the same gadgets – so damned fast I couldn’t keep them in view



So you might be wondering – what is so disturbing about such a fun little gadget?

Well, for around £100 all in, you can already buy it with a camera attachment – anyone for a bit of spying over the garden wall??


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