National Book Lovers Day!!!

What a great day!

charles french words reading and writing



August 9 is National Book Lovers Day, and that makes it one of the best days of the year! This is a time to celebrate the people who read and love books–bibliophiles!  I am assuming if you are reading this post, that you are also a book lover.


(Prague Library —

No matter the place from which you get your books, whether it be libraries, bookstores, or online, the having and reading of books is one of the greatest pleasures of life! Reading can be done almost anywhere–in a park, in a home, in a cubicle, on a bus or train, or on the beach (and these are certainly not the limits of possible reading locales).  Wherever you might be while reading, you can be transported into many other worlds, through the connection of the writer’s words to the reader’s imagination. That is one of the most wonderful…

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    1. I couldn’t help myself… 😉


  1. Missed this one–thanks! I am definitely one of these people.

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    1. Me too! Surprise, surprise 😀


  2. Thank you so much!

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