#BookReview – SHOOT THE MESSENGER by Pippa DaCosta #SFF #paranormal

I read this book back in March while having a bit of a hiatus from reviewing, so this is another catch up that deserved better from me – a totally breathless, excellent read. Book 2 is on my Kindle and #3 will be along shortly. Can’t wait!


Shoot the Messenger (Messenger Chronicles, #1)Shoot the Messenger by Pippa DaCosta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shoot the Messenger opens with Kesh and her snarky drone, Sota, delivering a routine message. Then the recipient of that message is gunned down before them, with Kesh framed for the murder. She nearly catches the assassin in a thrilling chase, but discovers to her horror her target is a creature who should not exist in this closed world of hers – a warfae.
I thought at first this book would be about Kesh staying one step ahead of the authorities while trying to recover Sota, and uncovering why she’d been framed for murder. And how there’s a warfae existing where none should be. I was right. And also terribly wrong.
At every turn this thrilling novel strips back layer after layer of Kesh’s life, exposing deceit upon deceit, secret upon secret. We meet the deliciously hot Marshal Kellee, terrifyingly beautiful fae prince Eledan, and enigmatic prisoner Talen, another fae. The plot deftly spirals into unexpected realms without ever becoming too confusing courtesy of the accomplished writing skills of the author.
If you are a touch confused about the genre (space fantasy), yes, this is a story about fae in space, with magic and technology seamlessly blended into an amalgamation of SF and fantasy. It is also billed as reverse harem, but there’s little of that here, and is more of a minor aside to the plot.
Oh, the plot! Hardly a moment to breathe, and I was totally blindsided by the final shocking twist. I truly had NO idea that was coming. If you are up for a completely new experience genre-wise, I’d urge you to read this gripping story. The second one is loaded on my Kindle ready to go as soon as I get some reading time, and the third is on the way soon.
Highly recommended.

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  1. Well, heck. Here I was promising myself I would NOT add any new books to my Kindle until I’d read more of the ones already there, and now I’ve got to get this one. *sigh* There is NO HOPE I’ll ever catch up with my reading in this lifetime, so I guess one more doesn’t hurt. (The one who dies with the most unread books in the library DOES win the game, right?) 😀 Off to grab this one before I forget. Great review, Debby! 🙂

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    1. 😀 😀 😀 Oh I SO know this problem. Think I’m racing you toward the finish line…


      1. 😀 We will have to hope we CAN take it with us! 😀

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  2. I would love to read a space fantasy novel. I don’t often find stories in that genre. Thanks, Deb!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure you’ll love this one!


  3. Not my genre but a great review Deb 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I do enjoy reviewing 😀

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