Why So Many People Write at Starbucks

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Why do so many people write at Starbucks?

The answer has to do with me going to Nevis. Let me explain.

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  1. Neat article. Most writers have a particular spot where they do all their writing. My friend MM Jaye has a feature on her blog where writers submit a photo of their workplace.
    I would not be able to write in an environment like Starbucks, but the idea of changing one’s writing habitat is interesting.
    Happy writing, everybody!


    1. I agree – the thought of trying to write in a coffee shop of any description is, for me, a complete no-no, but a bit of time spent out with nature always refreshes my batteries.


  2. Great share Deb. I agree with the concept that getting out of our usual environment elevates my thoughts and invigorates me. I don’t ever go to Starbucks to write, but just a day out of the writing grind give me new life. Although I agree about the article saying by going to a retreat it helps that we leave behind our daily chores, which of course is a great weight lifted off, freeing our minds to be creative without time constraints. 🙂

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