#Excerpt week on THE WRITE STUFF #readers #books

I’m currently sharing excerpts from my books over on Marcia Meara’s great (shared) blog, THE WRITE STUFF, along with several other authors.


There are ghost stories, fantasies, murder mysteries and others – why not mosey on over there and take a look? You might find a new book you fancy reading – I know I have.

The first of my excerpts is already on THE PRINCE’S MAN page on this blog, but here is another


And keep an eye out for more to come…


  1. Wonderful information on THE WRITE STUFF blog. Thanks for sharing, and I loved the cover and excerpts from your book. Now, I have to fine time to read and review it!


    1. Cheers! It’s turning into a great meeting place for great authors 😀
      I’m delighted you enjoyed the excerpts, hope you can find the time to read the whole thing – time is such a finite commodity, I know.


      1. I try to review one book a week, and I’m keeping up with that standard pretty well. I have two ahead of you. I’ll download now, though, so I’ll remember the order, but I know what you’re going to say, and I wholeheartedly agree: REDHEADS SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST!

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      2. Too right!
        And thanks 😀


  2. Great excerpt Deb, and what a lovely way for author’s to share book info. I will be sure to go back there and read some others. I’m glad you also connected with my friend Deborah (aka twin) lol, she’s a fabulous writer and editor! 🙂 And of course Redheads rule! 🙂


    1. Thanks Deb, and this is why I love the indie scene; mutual help instead of cut-throat competition.
      And go redheads!


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