Guest Post: Writing Essentials: Organizing Your Plot by Suzanne Hagelin

Excellent guest post on Life in the Realm of Fantasy on organising your plot – something I’m not very disciplined about, and I should be by now!

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

This is the third in a six-week blog tour series for the Northwest Independent Writer’s Association. You can catch up with them at

Today’s guest post is by Indie author Suzanne Hagelin. Suzanne is a USA Today best-selling author of science fiction. I’ve enjoyed her work and look forward to hearing what she has to say!

What could be more delightful than a great story told well? Homer continues to gain “Iliad” fans after thousands of years and Shakespeare retains his reputation as a master playwright. How did they assemble the parts to create a satisfying whole? Is it possible to find a common denominator for all the successful plots out there? The approaches to building a story are so numerous and versatile that it could be daunting to pull out a basic principle that works for all, but this might be a good starting place.

A good plot…

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