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Keeper by Ingrid Seymour
400 pages
For them, free will is a luxury . . .Greg Papilio both wants and dreads his impending metamorphosis. He’s tired of being an ugly runt–always picked last on the basketball court–when he could be strong and what girls call “drop dead gorgeous.” But as much as he looks forward to the transformation, he also fears the caste it will inevitably assign to him. He doesn’t want a common caste. He wants a powerful one, a cool one.Samantha Gibson is average. She’s short and a little full around the hips–a terribly cute look for a future chef. She’s two years away from culinary school, from her uncaring parents, and from carving a perfectly Human future. She wants independence, a career and a quiet life of her own.

Except fate couldn’t care less about what Greg and Samantha want and gives them exactly the opposite. Greg’s metamorphosis assigns him a caste that enslaves him, while Samantha’s chance to attend Le Cordon Bleu is taken away. But things are never as interesting as when Ashby–an intriguing blonde with a hidden identity–enters her life with a splash.

Greg’s fate is to be Samantha’s Keeper, to protect her at a time when someone wants her dead. He will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, even if her secret past proves deadly, even if he’s keeping her safe for someone else.



Grab Keeper Vol. One (first part of the story) for .99 cents on Amazon.


How was it possible to feel so much? Had her body been in a numb slumber all her life? It was like he had awakened a part of her nervous system that had been dormant up until now. How else could his touch, that simple caress on her stomach, feel as if the universe had converged there?
She fumbled with his shirt buttons, clumsily getting them undone. She couldn’t believe her own nerve. When she tugged on his shirt, trying to peel it away from his shoulders, Greg paused and pulled away, his eyes wide, his lips parted and trembling.
Sam felt her cheeks burn with shame. What would he think of her now? That she was an easy girl who went looking for boys in their own houses to seduce them? Well, she couldn’t blame him, could she? That’s what she’d become after one simple half-kiss. She turned away, feeling terribly embarrassed.
Ingrid Seymour loves, loves, loves to write. She’s a young and new adult author. She writes in a variety of genres including romance, urban fantasy, paranormal and horror. She loves pizza and sushi, Sunkist and gum. She believes in vampires, witches, but not zombies (uh-uh, never!) She writes to loud music, daydreams constantly and spends too much time in twitter!! Find her there? ;) Ingrid has incredible fun doing what she does, but more than anything she enjoys hearing from her readers. It’s a dream come true.
$25 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
signed paperback of Keeper & Bracelet (US)
Prizing provided by the author


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  1. Thank you for hosting a tour stop on the tour!


    1. Always a pleasure 😀


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