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Why #editing is like cutting a gemstone

Editing takes me a long time. That’s not because I find it particularly difficult (a few aspects, but not so much), it’s simply a big job to do well, and I don’t have so many hours to devote to it. So why am I here, writing on my blog instead of editing the book? Firstly, […]

#FREE 12, 13 & 14th only – THE WORD-LOSS DIET by Rayne Hall – for serious #writers only

Quick share, folks – for 3 days only (May 12, 13 &14), Rayne Hall is giving away ebook copies on Amazon of her title, THE WORD-LOSS DIET, part of her ‘WRITER’S CRAFT BOOK’ series. If you haven’t seen them yet – shame on you! All writers can learn something from these excellent books. If you don’t […]

Are you attending Indie Author Fringe? #IAF16 #AuthorEvent

I only got to post once last week because my day job kept me pretty busy – judging at the British Dressage Winter National Championships 🙂 Here I am with my scribe, at the ready… And this is what the arena looked like from my view So, after an exhausting judging stint, back to the […]

You’ve hired an editor, but what happens if you don’t agree with them? #authors #writing

So you’ve finished your book and you’ve hired an editor, right? Hopefully you hired the right sort of editor… ‘What?‘ you say, ‘there’s more than one type of editor?’ Oh yes, folks, and if you haven’t got that piece of information yet, you need to go do some research. As an overall guide, you will […]

#Amwriting – I’ve FINISHED!!! Plus, #ThorsDaySmile

If this blog is a little quiet just now, I apologise. For those of you who’ve been pestering me with the same question: “when’s the next book coming out?” – well that’s why! The first draft of Prince’s Man Book 2 is FINISHED – yay!!! I still have tons of editing, and the cover to […]

2015 in review & New Year’s writing goals – what are yours?

WordPress offers all its users a handy dandy annual report with the year’s blog stats – I was amazed to find my blog has had around 9000 views this year – wow! This prompted me to think of not only a round up of last year (132 blog posts), but a quick review of where I’m […]

#BookReview – WRITING DEEP POINT OF VIEW by Rayne Hall #writing

For those writers of you out there, today I’m sharing my review of a book in the WRITER’S CRAFT series by Rayne Hall. If you haven’t yet discovered them, you may want to go take a look. These are not designed for beginners, but for writers wanting to improve and extend their skill set, and I […]

Fabulous Friday Guest Blogger – Deborah Jay

Originally posted on The Write Stuff:
First, I’d like to thank Marcia for all the work she’s done, creating this blog and inviting us all to participate – and what a great group of authors this is turning out to be! Seeing as Marcia has given us free rein on topic, I thought I would…

Is an indie author’s work ever done? #IndiePublishing #writing

Bit of a silly question, really. Even discounting the continual marketing, we all know the answer. Of course not! And I’ve just had it rammed home, yet again 😦 It’s now 16 months since I published THE PRINCE’S MAN, and it’s all gone smoothly. More than 60 reviews, 44 of those 5* 😀 And not […]

How to write a sentence – or then again, perhaps not! #humour #writing

This has to be one of the funniest pieces of writing advice I’ve come across in ages – I just had to share it! http://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/write-sentence?utm_source=tny&utm_campaign=generalsocial&utm_medium=twitter&mbid=social_twitter