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7 Things Writers Can Do No One Else Can (or Wants to)

I’m reposting this from a few years ago. Back then, I didn’t have many readers so now, I wanted to share these pithy thoughts–including a few updates–with all my new efriends! There are a lot of difficult parts to writing. I mean, besides the whole write-edit-revise-rewrite-market-start over thing. That cutting a vein and bleeding on…

Secrets Readers Don’t Know about #Authors

Originally posted on Terri Herman-Ponce:
A lot goes on behind the scenes in getting a book published. Stuff that readers don’t know and probably don’t need to know. Because, let’s face it, all a reader cares about is a story that takes them out of the real world and into another that, when well done,…

Reblog of ‘Muse: How Creativity Effects the Brain’ – Crime Writer Sue Coletta

A fascinating piece relating scientific research into how writers use their brains, and the startling differences between seasoned and novice writers. This form of reblog annoyingly only shows a couple of lines of the original post – do please click on the link to see more, it’s worth it.   I think I might have […]

Adjustability – the secret to overcoming frustration #amwriting #authors

Adjustability – the secret to overcoming frustration. Once again drawing on sports psychology, this is a major concept that any sports person, and particularly riders like me, have to grasp, accept and enact. We all suffer setbacks. For athletes, it’s often injury (it certainly is with horses!), or it may be fitness or skill development […]

Do you think your #writing isn’t good enough? Dealing with your fears – Part 3

While it is definitely advisable to achieve a fair degree of knowledge of writing and publishing before you go ahead, if you are a writer who NEVER feels like your work is either good enough, or ready enough, then I advocate taking Hugh Laurie’s advice. There are so many ways you can self-sabotage your writing career, and […]

Do you think your #writing isn’t good enough? Dealing with your fears – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, which you can find here, I talked about the concept of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, a phrase much used in my normal working field of sports coaching, and how it can also be applied to writers to help overcome performance fears – in this case, performance as a writer, and as […]

#Writers, what can you learn from modelling? #MondayBlogs #NLP

No, I don’t mean the catwalk type! This topic has been brewing in my mind for over a year, and when WordPress so kindly provided me with my handy dandy annual round up, it showed me that the most popular posts I’ve written are those on writing or publishing – as if there aren’t enough […]

#Readers, have you discovered ‘CONNECTIONS’ magazine yet?

  CONNECTIONS is a magazine devoted to introducing readers to new authors – and yes, I am featured in there this month 😀 It’s a multi-genre package, crammed with excerpts, author profiles and fun stuff, plus special offers on new and on sale books and ebooks. Take a look for yourself: https://view.publitas.com/mpsmith-publishing/connections-emagazine-summer-2015/

Please don’t leave me hanging…. #authors #writers #cliffhangers

Please forgive me; I’m going to have a rant. Nothing infuriates me more in this frontier world of indie publishing, than the author who ends their book on a cliff hanger. Scratch that. They don’t end it at all; they just stop writing, smack in the middle of the action, assuming that the reader will […]

The Art of Procrastination – a Writer’s Guide

The Art of Procrastination – a Writer’s Guide #Amwriting or I will be, just as soon as I’ve followed all the instructions in this guide… See Rayne Hall’s facebook page here