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THE PRINCE’S SON is in editing, #Synopsis & #Logline time – all advice welcome.

Yep, that time has come! The book is written, it’s been to alpha readers and I’m currently editing in preparation for sending to beta readers, so now is the time to start distilling my 150K word complex sequel, with multiple plot strands and 4 viewpoint characters into just a few lines. Easy, right? Hm, you’d think so, but […]

Do your characters lead you down blind alleys?

Unruly Characters Authors, do your characters sometimes refuse to fall in line and tread the path you have so carefully plotted for them? Mine do. Sigh. I’m not a detailed plotter, nor these days a total pantser  – and I’m making the assumption here that you understand these terms, and don’t think I’m making risqué underwear references. When […]