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My dream holiday – New Zealand – last part

My┬áreview of this amazing holiday has gone on far longer than I planned, but hey, I have the photos, and it was a truly awesome trip, so why not? Anyway, this will be the last, but not the least, instalment. For our final week, we based with a good friend, Julia, many moons ago one […]

My dream holiday – New Zealand – Part Six

Somehow I’d always thought that a glacier would be pretty smooth, probably because they one we stood on in Canada had been. The Franz Josef Glacier in NZ totally corrected me on that point! We’d been due to go up the previous day but due to high winds, they couldn’t fly. It did mean we […]

My Dream Holiday – New Zealand – Part Five

The final day of the Red Carpet Tours 2 week LOTR tour was a pick your own day. Based for the last couple of days in Queenstown, there is plenty to choose from: this is a town with no industry other than tourism! Naturally, I chose to go horse riding. Well, I couldn’t very well […]