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Very last post from #Eastercon #Dysprosium2015 #SF #fantasy

I totally forgot to include these photos in my last post, so a quick picture blog to finish: The Fairy panel: (l to r)  Seanan McGuire, Susan Bartholemew, Raven Dane, Jaine Fenn, Jim Butcher and Benedict Jacka.           And here is the awesome Jim Butcher with his gorgeous wife (a redhead, […]

Final round up from #Eastercon #Dysprosium2015 events

I meant to get to this last week, but just had too much going on. Anyway, here it is: a final round up of the other fun events and panels I attended, and a few notes from each. Bad Story, No Bikkie Just to prove that some published writing should never have made it past the […]

What a hoot! GoH Seanan McGuire speaks at #Eastercon #Dysprosium 2015

Seanan, if you ever get to read this, I’d just like to say, you made Eastercon for me – thank you for your amazing infectious humour, and your awesomely ghoulish glee about all things squishy and icky – you rock! Oh, and I had no problem with the pronunciation of your name (Shawn-in) – I […]

What went on at #EasterCon – #Dysprosium 2015

EasterCon – Dysprosium 2015 Yep, that’s where you can find me this weekend. Well, most of it, anyway. Sometimes life (and work) get a teensy bit in the way… Anyhow, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening at The Park Inn, Heathrow, where the Con is being held. As usual, I’d investigated options for getting […]