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3 ways to make your book more attractive to readers #marketing

This post is for the writer who has made the decision to try self-publishing their novel, but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. Many people are put off at this stage by the figures – I looked it up and discovered the startling figure of 48.5 million books for sale on Amazon. So how on earth […]

#Readers, have you discovered ‘CONNECTIONS’ magazine yet?

  CONNECTIONS is a magazine devoted to introducing readers to new authors – and yes, I am featured in there this month 😀 It’s a multi-genre package, crammed with excerpts, author profiles and fun stuff, plus special offers on new and on sale books and ebooks. Take a look for yourself: https://view.publitas.com/mpsmith-publishing/connections-emagazine-summer-2015/

Please don’t leave me hanging…. #authors #writers #cliffhangers

Please forgive me; I’m going to have a rant. Nothing infuriates me more in this frontier world of indie publishing, than the author who ends their book on a cliff hanger. Scratch that. They don’t end it at all; they just stop writing, smack in the middle of the action, assuming that the reader will […]

What sort of ‘back matter’ should your book contain? #IndiePublishing #BookReviews #BookMarketing

In response to a question asked on my last post – a request for advice on gaining reviews for your book, I decided it was time to get my act together and repurpose a guest post I did for Debbie Young’s excellent blog OFF THE SHELF BOOK PROMOTIONS, as this includes one of my favourite […]


To celebrate the awesome, amazing, mind-blowing experience of the first two months of the published life of THE PRINCE’S MAN, I’m taking the book on a blast (organised by Gliterary Girl Media) around a group of terrific blogs on both sides of the Atlantic! You can also WIN a copy here! a Rafflecopter giveaway If […]