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6 steps of self-editing

I am buried in the throes of editing my latest novel, THE PRINCE’S PROTEGE, #3 in the Five Kingdoms series. Having had an interesting conversation this week with a visiting relative about my editing process, I thought I’d share it here as, perhaps, helpful guidance to writers at an earlier stage of their career. Whilst […]

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Creativity, Sensitivity, Laziness and Courage #IndiePublishing #Authors

Reading this post will involve clicking through twice to reach the original, but it’s worth it.

Are you attending Indie Author Fringe? #IAF16 #AuthorEvent

I only got to post once last week because my day job kept me pretty busy – judging at the British Dressage Winter National Championships ūüôā Here I am with my scribe, at the ready… And this is what the arena looked like from my view So, after an exhausting judging stint, back to the […]


Alternative Publishing Models Panel discussion at Loncon3 Perhaps my title is a bit unfair – there were a number of topics on the agenda for this panel, it just seems ironic that – no, let me get into that after you’ve read the following¬†description for yourself: ‘Between the disappearance of independent bookshops, the dominance of […]

Pick a genre, any genre….

So you have a great idea for a story. Now¬†choose¬†your¬†genre. Are you a one-genre reader, or writer? Ever thought about widening your tastes? The sage advice¬†is to¬†read extensively in your chosen genre – advice that should not be ignored, but that doesn’t¬†prevent you from¬†reading in more than one genre, or trying out¬†something new. What if […]

Carnival of the Indies

I’m thrilled that my blog post ‘Who Is Your Ideal Reader’ has been included in Joel Friedlander’s CARNIVAL OF THE INDIES monthly round up of ‘outstanding articles’. This is Issue #32, and is crammed with excellent posts about the¬†Indie writing scene¬†from the last month. If you haven’t yet done so, check it out at http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2013/05/self-publishing-carnival-of-the-indies-issue-32/

A writer‚Äôs blog for readers

I‚Äôve started writing my first blog post probably six times. Now, thanks to the generous advice of the wonderful Lori Oster (http://professoroster.blogspot.com/), I have found a direction for my blog that makes me both comfortable and excited, in anticipation of sharing with you. I write fantasy and urban fantasy, and sometimes science fiction. I am […]