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6 steps of self-editing

I am buried in the throes of editing my latest novel, THE PRINCE’S PROTEGE, #3 in the Five Kingdoms series. Having had an interesting conversation this week with a visiting relative about my editing process, I thought I’d share it here as, perhaps, helpful guidance to writers at an earlier stage of their career. Whilst […]

Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have a Magic Button on Your Keyboard That Corrects Everything? But #Editing and #Proofreading Need to be Done by a Human Being. Here’s Why!

Originally posted on BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor:
? It would be wonderful to have a special button on your keyboard that would read your writing and correct every error, typo, wrong word, omitted word, added word, or verb tense. It would be really amazing if the “edit key” would automatically rewrite awkward sentences, paragraphs, or chapters. There are software packages that attempt to go…