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3 things to do for paperback formatting #publishing #indiepublishing

I’ve been unable to write creatively for some weeks now due to high stress levels, and the ill-health those visit upon the body, so when I haven’t been in the throes of a migraine I’ve been tackling the production of the paperback version of THE PRINCE’S PROTEGE. Under normal circumstances, I would have done this […]

THE PRINCE’S MAN – paperbacks have arrived!

They’ve arrived! And there they are, along with the rack cards I had made that double as large bookmarks.   Soooo exciting to actually hold the physical book in my hands 🙂 The paperbacks are 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, and over 1 1/4″ thick – that’s 436 pages, 125,000 words. In the UK £8.99, […]