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Author interview – of me!

I’ve done my first author interview – hopefully the first of many ūüėČ Take a look on http://awesomegang.com/deborah-jay/ It all rolled along nicely, although I had to think hard when asked for my favourite book of all time. I went with Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin, but ask me on another day and […]

5 things a busy writer can’t do without

I’m guest posting on Jane Ayres blog, THE BEAUTIFUL ROOM, rating¬†the 5 things I can’t do without to enable me to keep writing around my hectic¬†day job. Check it out at: http://janeayres.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/deborah-jay-guest-post-what-are-5.html ¬†

Who is your IDEAL READER?

  I have just taken a great online marketing course with the ever-helpful Laura Pepper Wu of http://www.30daybooks.com/¬†and I wanted to share with you one of¬†her excellent exercises: how to profile your ideal reader. Now, you might wonder why this would be useful, but believe me, it is! If you can get right inside the […]

Goal setting for writers

I’ve noticed another skill that can be transferred from my ‘day job’ to writing: that of Goal setting. In my profession, training competition horses and riders, goal setting is hugely important, both to¬†provide incentive and to benchmark success. As writers, we can do the same and reap the same benefits. Goal setting gives you purpose […]

Managing a part-time writing career

“Don’t give up the day job!” We’ve all heard it, and most of us need to abide by it. Unless we are lucky enough to get that big break (and I mean, big), few writers can earn a decent living by writing and doing nothing else. A couple of authors (past and present members)¬†in the […]