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#NorseMythology by #NeilGaiman

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Neil Gaiman AND Thor? In one book? Be still, my heart! Just thought I’d share this  with those who might be as excited as I am by the thought of a Gaiman anthology based on all the Norse mythology, from the beginning of the nine worlds, to Ragnarok, to rebirth. I’ve…

Blog Tour: DIMIDIUM ANGELUS by Dennis Parker #giveaway #EpicFantasy #angels

Title: Dimidium Angelus: Bane of the God   Author: Dennis Parker Genre: Epic Fantasy Length: 238 pages Release Date: May 2014 ISBN-13: 978-0692274057 Imprint: Mythos Press   SYNOPSIS As Lucifer fell from Heaven, he was not alone. The Greek and Norse gods, as they would later be known, were originally angels allied with Lucifer in the […]