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I’ve read HOW MANY #books this year? Holy cow! And this is how I #review them

Goodreads offered up a review of my reading year, and I was astounded to discover I’ve read 31 books (6910 pages) this past year, and I will finish at least one more before the year is out. That might not sound like a huge number to avid readers, but for me, as a writer, that’s a […]

Read any good #memoirs recently? Try author D.G. Kaye

And now for something completely different… Today I bring you a first – for me, that is. An enthralling memoir, and the author’s latest release. To give you a little background, I’m first going to share with you my review of D. G. Kaye’s first book, CONFLICTED HEARTS Blurb A Lifetime of guilt — What […]


Join me on The Writing Process Blog Tour I’m delighted to be taking part in the writing process blog tour, a blog relay in which each author discusses their individual writing process, and then passes the baton on. My thanks to Debby Gies – aka author D.G. Kaye – for inviting me to participate 🙂 Truth be told, I was invited […]