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Have you tried collaboration as a means of marketing?

MULTI-AUTHOR COLLABORATION Authors, if all your marketing efforts so far have been an isolated, individual slog, how about giving the multi-author approach a try? I did this last month (June 2014) in two different ways, and thought I’d share with you both the benefits and the results – not to mention how much fun it […]

Carnival of the Indies

I’m thrilled that my blog post ‘Who Is Your Ideal Reader’ has been included in Joel Friedlander’s CARNIVAL OF THE INDIES monthly round up of ‘outstanding articles’. This is Issue #32, and is crammed with excellent posts about the Indie writing scene from the last month. If you haven’t yet done so, check it out at http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2013/05/self-publishing-carnival-of-the-indies-issue-32/

Who is your IDEAL READER?

  I have just taken a great online marketing course with the ever-helpful Laura Pepper Wu of http://www.30daybooks.com/ and I wanted to share with you one of her excellent exercises: how to profile your ideal reader. Now, you might wonder why this would be useful, but believe me, it is! If you can get right inside the […]

Goal setting for writers

I’ve noticed another skill that can be transferred from my ‘day job’ to writing: that of Goal setting. In my profession, training competition horses and riders, goal setting is hugely important, both to provide incentive and to benchmark success. As writers, we can do the same and reap the same benefits. Goal setting gives you purpose […]