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#LonCon3 – a varied progamme and George R.R. Martin talks

Loncon3 – panels As this was my first World SF Convention, I wanted to cram in as much as possible, and I took that to mean going to as many items of the near 1000 events on the programme as possible. Of course, by the third day I was panelled out, and started to miss a few […]

My Dream Holiday – New Zealand – Part Five

The final day of the Red Carpet Tours 2 week LOTR tour was a pick your own day. Based for the last couple of days in Queenstown, there is plenty to choose from: this is a town with no industry other than tourism! Naturally, I chose to go horse riding. Well, I couldn’t very well […]

My dream holiday – New Zealand – Part Four

Wow, when I began this I didn’t realise it was going to turn into an epic, but as the holiday was – epic, that is – I guess I should not be surprised. Where were we? Oh yes, coming to the last few days of the Red Carpet Tour, next up was an incredible landscape in Alexandra, […]

My Dream Holiday – New Zealand – Part Three

I left you at the end of the last instalment as we headed to Kaikoura, on South Island, and I’m still going to hold back on that because we spent the last week there, having the most amazing time. So, passing on, we headed for the magnificence that is EDORAS, home of the Horse Lords, […]