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Time for more #funnies …

Life is somewhat complicated just at the moment, so I thought it was about time to share a few more funnies… There, I hope at least one of those made you chuckle? Sometimes it just pays to be frivolous …  

Washington Post’s Neologisms

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
According to a meme that’s been going around, the Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its annual neologisms contests, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for common words. Seeing how much you all enjoyed my post on Oxford Dictionaries’ Surprising Word of the Year 2015,…

Join me for some funnies ;-)

I’m really hard pressed for time just now – ramping up towards the climax of the competition season (in case you haven’t poked around my site long enough to realise – I’m a dressage rider and judge in the day job). Last week I spent 4 days in Ireland, judging at their National Championships, then […]

#Book #Review NEWBORN NAZI by Rhoda D’Ettore, and meet her varied titles #historical #murdermystery #kinky and #FREE

No One Is Safe While… ZODIAC LIVES A Novel by Rhoda D’Ettore After surviving a car accident that killed her father, three-year-old Jennifer begins having nightmares. It’s soon obvious she suffers from something more dreadful than the accident when she provides clues to a murder committed 3,000 miles away—and two decades before she was born. […]

Blog Tour, #Review & #giveaway – YOU CAN’T GET BLOOD OUT OF SHAG CARPET by Juliette Harper #Cozy #Mystery

I know several of you thought this looked like fun when I did the cover reveal – well I can reveal – you were right – it’s hilarious! Wanda Jean Milton discovers her husband, local exterminator Hilton Milton, dead on her new shag carpet with an Old Hickory carving knife sticking out of his chest. […]

How to write a sentence – or then again, perhaps not! #humour #writing

This has to be one of the funniest pieces of writing advice I’ve come across in ages – I just had to share it! http://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/write-sentence?utm_source=tny&utm_campaign=generalsocial&utm_medium=twitter&mbid=social_twitter