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#Writers – when the day job takes over….

This week has been a blur of activity leaving very little time to access the internet, or be around on social media. To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to, my week went like this: last Saturday, drive 220 miles in horsebox to stay at Somerford Park Premier League show (Cheshire, UK) […]

3 ways riders communicate with horses – Horse Tips for Writers

Rider communication with horses If your horses are in a fantasy world, try telepathy. For those of us stuck in mundanity, ways to communicate wishes/instructions to a horse come broadly under 3 categories: Natural aids (no, not the marital type!). These consist of a rider’s hands, legs/feet, and weight. Voice Artificial aids – whips, spurs, gadgets.   Natural aids can […]

Action adventure fantasy THE PRINCE’S MAN – coming soon…

Here’s a teensy action sample from THE PRINCE’S MAN, just to whet your appetite… 😉   Rustam laid the elf in the shade beneath an ancient spreading oak. His breathing was audible now, but that was no more reassuring. Now it rasped and bubbled like a drowning fisherman, and when Rustam touched his face, the skin burned. […]

Horse tips for writers

Blogging is about sharing – right? Well, I have information at my fingertips that many genre writers (fantasy, historical, contemporary, western – you can probably think of more) might find useful, so I’m going to share it! Horses – that’s my area of expertise, and I’m going to post bits of info regularly and build up […]