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How to write horses wrong – reblog #writing

Back in November, I copied a post from Nicholas C. Rossis’ blog, in turn reblogged from Dan Koboldt, about casting horses in fiction. I subsequently followed Dan’s blog and a while ago he added a further post on the subject, which I’d like to share with you now, as it made me nod my head […]

Did you know horses’ teeth never stop growing? #Horse tips for #writers

Now there’s a fact I’ll bet few of you knew. I stopped writing these horse info posts a while ago, when I discovered the huge differences between US and UK terminology and other issues, which involved spending too much time on research. Then again, I thought I might do a few like this one, that aren’t going […]

What is colic? Horse tips for writers.

Tummy ache You may have heard the term ‘colic’ used in relation to babies. Broadly it means the same thing in horses, but is a condition that must be taken very seriously, with around 5% of colics having the potential to be fatal. I should know – I’ve lost three this way over the years. Potentially […]