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#Book #Review NEWBORN NAZI by Rhoda D’Ettore, and meet her varied titles #historical #murdermystery #kinky and #FREE

No One Is Safe While… ZODIAC LIVES A Novel by Rhoda D’Ettore After surviving a car accident that killed her father, three-year-old Jennifer begins having nightmares. It’s soon obvious she suffers from something more dreadful than the accident when she provides clues to a murder committed 3,000 miles away—and two decades before she was born. […]

REVIEW – Faerie, by Delle Jacobs

Faerie by Delle Jacobs My rating: 4 of 5 stars Well I enjoyed it, no doubt. It was easy reading, the characters were interesting and had plenty of dimensions, and the historical detail was great. I was drawn in by the set up of a half-faerie heroine who has never quite fitted into her ‘place’ […]

Horse tips for writers

Blogging is about sharing – right? Well, I have information at my fingertips that many genre writers (fantasy, historical, contemporary, western – you can probably think of more) might find useful, so I’m going to share it! Horses – that’s my area of expertise, and I’m going to post bits of info regularly and build up […]