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Yet more about the #tradpub experience

Maybe I’m just unfortunate. Maybe this is the way of things these days, but this experience is firming up my resolve that this will definitely be my last traditionally published book. These posts relate the situation so far: And so to the latest… Just before the last weekend in May, I received an email from […]

More #Tradpub experience…

This past week I have been working away from home, and had a revelation courtesy of one of my enthusiastic clients: my new equestrian book is available on Amazon for pre-order, and has a firm publishing date. Well, colour me gobsmacked. Not only were there a huge percentage of the diagrams missing when I received […]

My latest #TradPub experience

For those of you who have been around here for a while, you already know that I am a hybrid author, with my novels self-published and my non-fiction equestrian books produced by a traditional publisher. You might also have noticed a while ago that I was commissioned to write another equestrian title by my current […]

Traditional #publishing v Indie (Independent)

I know this is an old topic, but as the world changes, so too do these type of perennial discussions. I joined (yet another) Facebook group a while ago – THE WRITER’S FORUM – and was gobsmacked to discover the level of ignorance about the publishing industry amongst new writers. I guess I’ve been at […]

News!! A new book in the pipeline #Dressage

I have good news, although it will impact on my blogging for a while, I’m afraid. I was contacted last week by the commissioning editor of Crowood Press, current owners of the J.A. Allen imprint that publishes my equestrian books. She has come up with an idea for a new series of short(ish) books, ‘100 […]

Second book earns out! #HappyAuthor

This week I had the delight of receiving the first copies of the second edition of THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF TRAINING, my first published book on horse training. Having sold out its first print run last November, it took me a while to ascertain that my new publisher (who bought out the publisher who’d bought […]

Building Blocks earns a reprint – yay!

In case you don’t know, in the ‘real’ world I work as a dressage horse trainer and judge, and also write in this field under my real name, Debby Lush. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF TRAINING is my first published book; a consistent, steady seller which, to my dismay back in November, sold out. Since it […]