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Prince’s Man – update and latest (great) review

Since reporting the disastrous results as a consequence of Draft2Digital falling out with Amazon, and the subsequent removal of all D2D titles, it’s been an uphill battle to recover some momentum for The Prince’s Man. Thankfully all reviews were finally re-instated, and since then it has gained a few new ones. The two things it […]

Prince’s Man falls victim to D2D/Amazon clash

Thought it was time for an update on the roller-coaster that is indie publishing. After my recent share, detailing how thrilled I was with the on-going success of The Prince’s Man, with rankings like these:  on a regular basis, I was clearly setting myself up for a big fall. And yes, it came – in […]

Indie publishing – the lazy way – using Draft2Digital

I’m leaving this post as it stands for now, but as of the start of February 2014 D2D have had a major falling out with Amazon and all books published through them to the ‘Zon have been delisted. D2D states that they will be pursuing a better working relationship with Amazon in the future, but for […]