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#99c #sale DESPRITE MEASURES #UrbanFantasy and news!

  Here’s hoping you’ve all had a great holiday and that the New Year will bring success in all your ventures šŸ˜€ Countdown Sale Here we are again, DESPRITE MEASURES is onceĀ more participating in anĀ Amazon Countdown Sale, at 99c until New Year’s Day, although unfortunately due to the unwieldy Amazon behemoth as reported in my […]

Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT Jessie reviews Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:
Today’s book review is from Jessie, she blogs at http://behindthewillows.com Jessie chose to read and review Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay First things first. There is a vampire in this book and he can’t tolerateĀ the sunlight. I likeĀ to get these kind of facts in the open right away so that…

Is an indie author’s work ever done? #IndiePublishing #writing

Bit of a silly question, really. Even discounting the continual marketing, we all know the answer. Of course not! And I’ve just had it rammed home, yet again šŸ˜¦ It’s now 16 months since I published THE PRINCE’S MAN, and it’s all gone smoothly. More than 60 reviews, 44 of those 5* šŸ˜€ And not […]

At last – success! First book earns out and other news

My first book finally earns out! Friends, raise a glass with me – after 6 years, my first traditionally published book has finally earned back its advance and startedĀ making realĀ money! Today, I received in the post my twice yearly Royalty Statement, to find that my equestrian titleĀ THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF TRAINING has moved into the […]

When does a multi-author promo NOT work?

MarketingĀ is difficult enough as it is! It REALLY doesn’t need to be compounded by wasting time preparing a promo that is aborted at the 11th hour. In a previous post, I extolled the virtues (and fun to be had) of taking part in a multi-author promotion. Now I’ve seen the other side of the picture, […]

Eco-Urban fantasy #FREE on Kindle Unlimited this month only #UrbanFantasy

Kindle Unlimited   Last week, Amazon released their latest product for the voracious reader: KINDLE UNLIMITED, a subscription-based borrowing facility that WILL cost $9.99 per month, but offers an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of books. The best part about it is that for the first month, you get a FREE TRIAL Yes, that’s free […]

Its my BLOGIVERSARY and Giveaway to celebrate

It’s my BLOGIVERSARY! Yes, I wrote my first blog post one year ago today – April Fools day, 2013. What an auspicious day to begin my blogging career šŸ˜‰ I really had no idea how it was going to pan out, if I’d like it and continue, or give up quickly. As it turns out, […]

2 new 5* reviews, and last 2 sale days for Desprite Measures

Desprite Measures has been out for just over two weeks now, and has five reviews now, ALL FIVE STAR šŸ˜€ I’m thrilled that the latest reviews have come from experienced authors, and I’d like to share them with you so you’ll see why I’m so delighted. The first is from MARK HENWICK, author of the […]

Prince’s Man sells 2000 copies; Desprite Measures on sale until 5th Jan

Yeehaa! Prince’s ManĀ has now sold in excess of 2000 copies in the 5 months since it released, and has been consistently in the Amazon UK Top 100 for Sword and Sorcery: Now with over 40 reviews (combined UK and US) and of those 28 are 5*, I couldn’t be more thrilled with how my debut […]

Twelve Days of Christmas Sale

To celebrate the holidays, I’ve decided to put my new release, DESPRITE MEASURES, on sale for the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. It will be available on Amazon USĀ , Amazon UKĀ and Barnes & Noble for 99c / 77pĀ  until January 5th. If you haven’t indulged yet, here’s what a reader said about it just today: ‘Desprite […]