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The “Three” Questionnaire, for Writers

I just came across the blog of Jodie Llewellyn and stole, er, asked her permission, to use this quiz that she’d adapted from yet another blog (Girl in a Basement). It looked like fun, so here are my answers to THE THREE. THREE THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF: I write fiction as Deborah Jay, and non-fiction under my real […]

Goal setting for writers

I’ve noticed another skill that can be transferred from my ‘day job’ to writing: that of Goal setting. In my profession, training competition horses and riders, goal setting is hugely important, both to provide incentive and to benchmark success. As writers, we can do the same and reap the same benefits. Goal setting gives you purpose […]

A writer’s blog for readers

I’ve started writing my first blog post probably six times. Now, thanks to the generous advice of the wonderful Lori Oster (http://professoroster.blogspot.com/), I have found a direction for my blog that makes me both comfortable and excited, in anticipation of sharing with you. I write fantasy and urban fantasy, and sometimes science fiction. I am […]