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How to add categories to your book on Amazon

Have you ever noticed that some books seem to be in lots of Amazon categories, and not just the two KDP allows you to choose when you publish your book? [If you’re not even sure about those two, take a look at this article: https://selfpublishing.com/how-to-publish-a-book/ ] Did you know you can add your book to more […]

#Promo success! Rocketing up the #Amazon rankings :-D

Very happy tonight with the results so far of my celebratory sale Desprite Measures is knocking at the door of the Amazon Top 100 in the highly competitive Urban and Paranormal category 😀 Fingers crossed it continues to rise. Once THE PRINCE’S MAN got into the Top 100 (Epic Fantasy) it stayed there for almost […]

Have you tried collaboration as a means of marketing?

MULTI-AUTHOR COLLABORATION Authors, if all your marketing efforts so far have been an isolated, individual slog, how about giving the multi-author approach a try? I did this last month (June 2014) in two different ways, and thought I’d share with you both the benefits and the results – not to mention how much fun it […]

Prince’s Man falls victim to D2D/Amazon clash

Thought it was time for an update on the roller-coaster that is indie publishing. After my recent share, detailing how thrilled I was with the on-going success of The Prince’s Man, with rankings like these:  on a regular basis, I was clearly setting myself up for a big fall. And yes, it came – in […]

Indie publishing adventure – highs and lows

THE GREAT INDIE PUBLISHING ADVENTURE continues, this week with both highs and a low. Starting on a positive: five weeks in, and THE PRINCE’S MAN has already sold more than 400 copies – 23 of those yesterday, my best day yet! 🙂 On the downside, I’ve had my first 3* review. Putting this in context, I […]

Indie publishing adventure – the first few weeks

Publication date for THE PRINCE’S MAN was officially July 29th, but in case of any problems, I actually put the book out on Amazon two weeks before that. I had intended to take it down again, as soon as I knew everything was working ok, but on that first test day, it sold 4 copies. And the […]