Sprite Night

Discover a unique eco-urban fantasy with a touch of romance.



rsz_sprite_night_completeWhen Scottish water sprite, Cassie, volunteers for an anti-fracking protest, the last thing she expects is to find herself at odds with a druid. But with time running out for the local environment, she can’t afford to be distracted by the handsome hunk of a Highlander.

Intent on a minor act of sabotage, Cassie is totally unprepared to be caught in the cross-fire of a magical battle. Can she avert catastrophe? Or will she become the very agency of an ecological disaster?

A Caledonian Sprite short story.



At just 8,000 words (35 pages) the short story is a companion to DESPRITE MEASURES. Chronologically, the short story takes place after the novel, but either can be read as a stand alone.

Even better news!

SPRITE NIGHT is FREE on Amazon, and can be downloaded here .

All I ask, is that if you enjoy it, you take a moment to leave a brief review – reviews are essential to an author’s visibility on Amazon.

Here is what some reviewers have said about SPRITE NIGHT:

5 stars *****   A teaser for an unusual urban fantasy series 9 Aug. 2015

Cassiopeia Lake is a water elemental, and she lives in Scotland.
Like humans should be, Cassie is concerned about the impact of industry on water, and her opposition to a drilling company’s plans form the structure of this short story. The events follow the novel ‘Desprite Measures’, but this story can be read as a stand-alone.
Cassie’s also looking for love. A boyfriend she lost, or an intriguing new one? Friend or foe? Mix in druids, wizards, bodach (pixie-ish fellows, like wasps, best to steer clear of them!), a neat twist in the tale and you have a great short read.
This story gives you an excellent chance to dip your toe into the Cassie waters. Sorry, couldn’t resist that.
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5 stars*****  The Loveable Cassie Lake Strikes Again!

By D.G. Kaye on July 31, 2015
Cassie Lake, the loveable sprite is back, and once again finds herself on a mission to save the environment. As Cassie is in search of her lost love, after losing him to the powers of an evil magician in book 1, Desprite Measures, she encounters a potential new mate, or possibly a one night stand while finding herself in the middle of a fracking debacle. Her usual good instincts seem to lead Cassie astray while trying to decipher who is evil and who is good. I’m not going to leave a spoiler alert here, but this short is a delightful read and when the story is finished, it will leave the reader begging for more of Cassie’s adventures. I hope there will be more books in this series.
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5 stars*****  Lots to love By Homesteader on August 7, 2015

There was a lot to love crammed into this short story. First, there’s the interesting world-building, centered around a water sprite who can dematerialize into her individual molecules at will. Next, the Scottish setting and culture was very vivid and intriguing, like an armchair vacation. Add in the hydrofracking issue that is currently so important on a world-wide level and you have an intellectually intriguing and enjoyable read.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly enjoyable! 9 Aug. 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Another wonderful Deborah Jay story, proving that she writes short fiction as fabulously as she writes novels! I love her dialogue best – believable, funny, and her heroine Cassie is always sassy. The balance between plot, action and information (who knew all that about water sprites?) is perfect – the writing is truly fast-paced at time, yet still includes such strong imagery to make you wince, or laugh, or both simultaneously.
Perfect follow-up to Ms Jay’s Sprite novel, but works as a strong stand-alone, too.

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And for your amusement, the same as in DESPRITE MEASURES, you will find active links sprinkled through the text, so (depending on your reader) you can click through to more information about certain items and places in the story.
I was not sponsored/paid for any of these links – more’s the pity!

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