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Do WOMEN write better than MEN? Survey by, #grammar checker #writing

Men versus Women Who are the better writers? And the survey says: This survey was conducted by As well as their service, check out their many educational sites: Grammarly on Facebook Grammarly on Twitter Grammarly on Google+ Grammarly on Pinterest Grammarly on LinkedIn Grammarly on Wikipedia   And remember these important writing rules:

Have you tried collaboration as a means of marketing?

MULTI-AUTHOR COLLABORATION Authors, if all your marketing efforts so far have been an isolated, individual slog, how about giving the multi-author approach a try? I did this last month (June 2014) in two different ways, and thought I’d share with you both the benefits and the results – not to mention how much fun it […]

Why not join me in The Book Marketing Challenge?

The Book Marketing Challenge One of the biggest challenges to authors is that of MARKETING. We can write the greatest book, have a fabulous cover, and yet still not find readers. Even when our work is traditionally published, as my equestrian books are, unless the author is a household name, there is little or no marketing budget, […]

Have you discovered eBookSoda yet? Curated titles for readers.

Another great reader site for readers, that takes only books with above a 3.5* rating, and at least 8 reviews, so you are assured of quality, plus when you sign up you specify which genres you are interested in, so you are only offered books tailored to your taste. Take a look at: The […]

The Prince’s Man is featured in today’s ‘Kindle Books and Tips’ newsletter

  The Prince’s Man is featured today on the KINDLE BOOKS AND TIPS website, on the following page: If you haven’t yet found this great resource of free and low price/discounted QUALITY ebooks, then you are missing out! All books featured on this site have above a 4* rating with at least 10 reviews on […]

If You Don’t Enjoy Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong

(Ridiculous) Rules of Writing

I felt compelled to share this hilarious poem about the rules of writing with all of you out there: Borrowed from Anne R. Allen I would suggest you go take a look at the whole post after you’ve giggled yourself silly with this little treat:   Here is a little verse I stole from Dorothy Parker wrote about […]

Have you discovered ‘The Fussy Librarian’ yet?

THE PRINCE’S MAN is being featured on Friday (big day for me!) on the great website – The Fussy Librarian a website dedicated to providing you with tailor-made lists of books that might interest you. Instead of signing up to an ebook service that sends you lists of books in all genres, most of which won’t […]

Designing my eyecatching cover for THE PRINCE’S MAN

With the cover reveal for DESPRITE MEASURES imminent (yay!), I thought I would share the design steps that went into the cover for THE PRINCE’S MAN. Those who attended my facebook launch party might recall I ran a competition, with the question: how many photographs are there in the cover picture? The answer: 4 Mountain background […]

Book Spotlight: post-apocalyptic novel THE LIVING HUNGER

Released in July 2013, THE LIVING HUNGER is by Dennis Larsen, an enterprising author who has also created the resource website, e-Reader Recon – more on that later. About THE LIVING HUNGER The author presents a Post-Apocalyptic story of struggle, endurance and survival. ‘The Living Hunger’ is book one in the series with book two projected for […]