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If You Don’t Enjoy Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
I can already feel the heat from approaching pitchforks! But if you hear me out, I think I can convert at least some of you to the idea that if you don’t enjoy marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Let me explain. Sometimes marketing can seem like a Sisyphean task. There’s…

(Ridiculous) Rules of Writing

I felt compelled to share this hilarious poem about the rules of writing with all of you out there: Borrowed from Anne R. Allen I would suggest you go take a look at the whole post after you’ve giggled yourself silly with this little treat:   Here is a little verse I stole from Dorothy Parker wrote about […]

Have you discovered ‘The Fussy Librarian’ yet?

THE PRINCE’S MAN is being featured on Friday (big day for me!) on the great website – The Fussy Librarian a website dedicated to providing you with tailor-made lists of books that might interest you. Instead of signing up to an ebook service that sends you lists of books in all genres, most of which won’t […]

Designing my eyecatching cover for THE PRINCE’S MAN

With the cover reveal for DESPRITE MEASURES imminent (yay!), I thought I would share the design steps that went into the cover for THE PRINCE’S MAN. Those who attended my facebook launch party might recall I ran a competition, with the question: how many photographs are there in the cover picture? The answer: 4 Mountain background […]

Book Spotlight: post-apocalyptic novel THE LIVING HUNGER

Released in July 2013, THE LIVING HUNGER is by Dennis Larsen, an enterprising author who has also created the resource website, e-Reader Recon – more on that later. About THE LIVING HUNGER The author presents a Post-Apocalyptic story of struggle, endurance and survival. ‘The Living Hunger’ is book one in the series with book two projected for […]

Indie publishing – the lazy way – using Draft2Digital

I’m leaving this post as it stands for now, but as of the start of February 2014 D2D have had a major falling out with Amazon and all books published through them to the ‘Zon have been delisted. D2D states that they will be pursuing a better working relationship with Amazon in the future, but for […]

50 Ways to Say ‘Villain’

Originally posted on Writers Write:
by Mark Nichol from Daily Writing Tips 1. Baddie: a bad person, especially a villain or a villain’s underling in a novel, a film, or a television program (usually lighthearted) 2. Beast: a reprehensible person, especially one with coarse, violent habits 3. Black sheep: an amoral, dishonorable person 3. Blackguard: a reprehensible person 4. Brute: a…