Clava Cairns – #Scotland #ScottishHighlands

Driving along one of the back roads near Inverness, just 15 miles from home, I noticed a sign to Clava Cairns.

I was intrigued, not realising we had such an important historic site so close to home, so of course a visit had to be arranged!

It’s an atmospheric site, with a pervading sense of serenity as you stroll around and between the four cairns and three stone circles, trying to picture how they might have looked, and why they are specifically built and aligned the way they are. Of course we shall never know, but such speculation is stimulating, even so.

Contained in a single field (as it is now, with stone wall boundaries), the preservation of this site is wonderful, and indeed, as the above information boards tells us, in 1882 this was one of the first historic sites to be protected by law. The success of this protection is well in evidence.

The detail of construction of these cairns is highly impressive

The standing stones would have been stunning on their own, but in conjunction with the cairns, they impart a sense of history, with an edge of spirituality.

There is more than one type of construction here as well

You can still see some traces of colour in certain stones

It was such a lovely find, and so close to home, I feel a return visit will be inevitable…


  1. There are so many amazing constructions like this, around the world. I can only imagine their importance to lost civilizations and what they must have meant in daily lives. Like the mounds in Minnesota area here in the US. Completely different constructions, but also barely understood.

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    1. I love imagining what it must have been like, back when they were built. It’s a shame we will never know, but it does spark the imagination.

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  2. I’ve only been “Liking” and sharing the last couple of weeks as our life has gone crazy here, but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing this post! So glad I found a moment to check out the amazing cairns, and am saving the post to study in more detail later. Thanks for sharing, Debby!!! (And it looks like you are getting around well once again?) πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ€—

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    1. Hello stranger! Have missed your online presence recently, though I totally understand why. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this share – I often wonder how much other people enjoy them (though they do seem to), as it’s a great way for me to keep a record for myself!
      I am fully mobile, thank you πŸ˜€ The bone and implant are all healed together, the poor, abused muscles are an ongoing process, only painful if overdo the exercises, which I do, occasionally, being enthusiastic about getting fit quickly! I’m told its about 4 months for full recovery, which I am now half way through, though frankly, I’m walking a lot better already than I was before the op.
      Waiting impatiently for no.2 to get done.

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  3. That’s all good to hear, Debby! So glad it’s going well for you and you are feeling better and better. I know you’ll be glad when BOTH legs work the way they oughta!! And thanks for sharing your progress, too. At my age, I’m always wondering what might fail me next, and how difficult repairing it might be. 😁

    And I loved the post! Would sure enjoy getting to Scotland some day, though it’s looking less likely all the time, so I really appreciate when you share your photos! Have a great rest of the week.

    Now, I’m back to trying to finish the Dreaded To-Do List for today. Oh, how I long to get caught up and have life settle down a bit. Maybe soon! 😊

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  4. This would be amazing to visit! Thanks for the photos and description.

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    1. My pleasure. I’m so lucky to have this sort of site on my doorstep πŸ˜€

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