#HipReplacement update, and this year’s garden so far

For anyone facing a hip replacement, I am happy to report things are going extremely well, and I am now itching to get the second one done!

To give you some idea of the timeline, I ditched one walking stick within a day of getting home (so 3 days after surgery), and the second at the 2 week mark. At 3 weeks I stopped taking painkillers, and had my first physio follow up. My handsome Italian physio declared, “You are doing AMAZING! Now you only have 2 problems: the second hip, and because you are doing so well, the likelihood you will overdo it.”

And yes, he was right. He set me a new programme of exercises, which I did with enthusiasm the next day. A little too much enthusiasm. Resulting in a sore butt muscle which required a day back on the walking stick, and 5 days of painkillers.

Lesson learned. I am now back on track, and at 4 weeks my legs feel like a pair at last, as initially the operated one was noticeably longer. It takes a while for the artificial joint to bed in, and for the muscles to tighten around it. I will admit to being a teensy bit disappointed – longer legs would have suited me just fine.

I’ve started mucking out the horse again, and doing some gardening, which is great after the restrictions of the last few weeks. I still have 4 months to wait for the second one to get done, but after that…

So here are a few shots from this year’s garden so far. Knowing I would not be at full capacity, we decided to be less ambitious this year, and half the veg beds are standing fallow. With so much work on the flower borders over the last couple of years, there isn’t a lot to be done aside from weeding now – it’s nice to sit back and watch it maturing.

Back in the autumn, I planted about 100 random bulbs given to us by a friend having a clear-out, so it’s been fun to see what came up!

The apple tree looks promising this year – surely it can outdo its one, single apple of last season?

Living so high up, our flowers are always about a month behind England, but they are really getting started now!


  1. 3 Cheers for your recovery! Keep smiling.

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  2. So pleased to hear you are doing so well. The garden looks wonderful. Try not to overdo it. xo

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    1. Thanks Darlene, I will try, it’s just tricky when one is so used to having an athletic body!

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  3. So glad your first replacement went well, and hope you’ll remember not to overdo again! And your tulips are fantastic! Lovely garden to brighten your recovery time. Wishing you the best with the second operation when it’s time, too! You go, girl!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ€—

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    1. Thanks Marcia, lovely to hear from you again! I know how to handle this now, just hoping the next one goes as smoothly 🀞🀞

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  4. Such wonderful news. I am paying attention to your progress. I see one (or two) in my future. 3 weeks of painkillers? Darn

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    1. Don’t hang around when you feel the hips are getting too painful, I regret waiting as long as I did because surgeons kept telling me I was too young. You want quality of life while you are still young enough to appreciate it!
      And the painkillers are so you stay really active and don’t restrict your own movement because it hurts a bit. I’m sure I cou have done without, but I didn’t see the point.

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    2. I’m not worried about becoming addicted. I have a long friendly relationship with managing pain in my life. You are young! I’m at that age no one would think me too young. I’m amazed how many people I know getting hip replacements.

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      1. Me too! I guess we are all of an age, and particularly amongst my pro riding friends, as we tend to wear the originals out!

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  5. Deb, you’re an ace student! Glad to hear your mobility is coming along nicely. Oye! Four months the other one. You are so brave. And meanwhile, the garden is gorgeous. ❀

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    1. Cheers! This morning is 5 weeks to the day, and for the first time when I got out of bed the hip wasn’t the first thing on my mind – I’m getting there!

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  6. You are doing amazing, Deb. That’s awesome. I’ve heard that overdoing it is a common side-effect, but now you know. And congrats on getting into the garden. I’ll bet that feels wonderful. Take care and keep up the physio. You sound like the ideal patient. ❀

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    1. I believe I’m getting a text-book recovery, which I’m delighted with. Now I hope the other side decides to be as compliant!
      I’ve been a work-out junkie for the past 3 years anyway, ever since I discovered how much better it makes my ageing body feel and function, so my only problem is the not overdoing it challenge!

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      1. Yes, I hope the other one goes just as smoothly. I’m sure that being in good shape to begin with was a huge factor in your speedy recovery.

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  7. Glad to hear your surgery went well. I didn’t know recovery could be that quick. Love the photos!

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    1. It’s amazing how fast it is these days! They only keep you in hospital a day or two and expect you to be up and moving within hours of coming round. The techniques are so much better these days – no cutting of muscles, just stretching them out of the way, so the main part of the recovery (aside from the bone healing) is down to regular exercises to get the muscles functional again.

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