‘PUTTING THE FACT IN #FANTASY’ pre-order, and a mini blog break.

I’m going to cover the title subjects in the opposite order.

I have kept this meme for years, knowing one day it would be totally relevant – and the time is finally here!

On Wednesday, all being well, I shall have a new hip. The first of two, you understand, but after 7 years of taking drugs and injections for the pain, and being told “they aren’t bad enough,” I’m done with waiting.

As a consequence, I’m not sure how often I will be online for a bit. I have a guest post lined up for next week, and after that, we shall see.

Putting the Fact in Fantasy

In other news, this new volume chock-full of a massive swathe of information to help fantasy authors with their world-building, comes out in a couple of weeks time.

And yes, I am one of the contributors with, surprise, surprise, a piece about understanding horses!

If this interests you (and if you write fantasy, it certainly should – I am going to be using my copy extensively to enhance my knowledge in all sorts of areas), take a look at the info page HERE.

Publication date is 3rd May, and it’s already available for pre-order HERE.

‘See’ you all again soon-ish.


  1. First and foremost, I’m sending you loads of wishes for as smooth an operation as possible, and a speedy recovery afterward. You’ll be on my mind and in my heart, Debby! When you can, please keep us posted as to how you are doing afterward.

    Secondly, I love this sound of this book, even though I don’t write actual fantasy. But I do include some elements here and there in my WRR series, and am always looking for better ways to do so. Plus, I read more fantasy than anything else these days, and am interested in the subject, in general. Will be heading over to pre-order shortly.

    And again, sending you healing energy and love for the weeks ahead! 🤗💖🤗

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    1. Thank you Marcia, lovely to hear from you, and I will definitely post updates when I can ❤
      And I think you'll be amazed at how much info is in the book on all sorts of things! Enjoy digging into it.

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  2. I will check it out. I find myself drawn more and more to horses.

    Good luck with the new hip! I mostly hear good results, though one friend who refused to follow doctor instructions had a very difficult time.

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    1. Thanks Jacqui, I have been listening to too many horror stories from people who had things go wrong, although I know the odds of it being straightforward are quite good.

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  3. Deb, Godspeed girl! Good for you getting on with the show. You will be amazing. And congrats on the book. I will share around for you. Take care and let us know you’re okay. Hugs ❤

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    1. Thanks Deb, I doubt I will be quiet for long, good or bad – it’s not in my DNA!

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  4. Wishing you the best of luck with your hip replacement. I hope it matches the other one. LOL. Take care.

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    1. Lol, I hope it doesn’t – at least until they are both done! Thanks Darlene 😀

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  5. Jane Sturgeon · · Reply

    Wrapping you in healing love and energy for your new hip op., Debby. You will be great at the show. Much love, always. Xxx ❤

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    1. Thanks Jane, much appreciated 😘

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  6. Best of luck with your surgery, Deborah. I hope it leads to some pain-free living. Hang in there through PT; it will be worth it. ❤ ❤
    And thanks for the link to the book. That sounds like a really useful resource. Congrats!

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    1. Thanks Diana, I’m fairly obsessed with working out anyway, I’m now 6 days post op and asking what else I can do. I’m trying not to push myself too fast, but I’m competitive!

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      1. That’s good to hear. I know so many people who don’t do the work and then wonder why it takes so long to recover. Good for you, Deborah. Keep up the efforts and don’t overdo it. Lol

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  7. […] has shown me, most recently with the Writer’s Digest (Penguin Random House) published ‘Putting the Fact in Fantasy’, which contains an essay by me, modern publishers rarely do any promotion aside from sending out […]


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