#BookReview TO KILL A FEA by Jamie A. Waters #fantasy

Quick post today as we have a lot going on just now, sorting and moving stuff into the new build because – yes! It’s finished!

Well, mostly. We still have stuff to do inside, but it’s marvellous already to be in it, we almost feel like we have a whole new house.

For my next book review, I’ve returned to my regular genre of fantasy for this review: TO KILL A FAE is book #1 in The Dragon Portal series.

To Kill a Fae (The Dragon Portal, #1)To Kill a Fae by Jamie A. Waters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sabine’s world is peopled by magical races, along with humans stranded there in the aftermath of a war between gods and dragons. What, precisely, Sabine herself is, we are left to wonder and suspect for much of the story, as she is clearly in hiding. The story takes off running, with an assassination attempt on Sabine’s life, and introduces us quickly to Malek, a mysterious smuggler, clearly also with secrets to hide, and demon brothers, Dax and Bane, both of whom are sworn to protect Sabine for reasons – and in manners – we are left to ponder for quite some time.
This is a fast-paced, intriguing and entertaining novel, well written with excellent dialogue and a fair-sized cast of well-developed characters. The world building is fantastically intricate and logical, with details dispersed throughout the book so you never feel overwhelmed. The climax is thrilling and wraps up this novel nicely, yet leads straight into the next one.
For me, the sign of a good novel is when you reach the end and immediately buy the next one, which I did!

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And that’s it for today, folks! Back to sorting stuff, and with spring having arrived at last, the gardening is also underway 😀


  1. Love the review. Love the pic of your house even more!

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  2. Congrats on finishing the house! Yay. It must feel wonderful.

    Thanks for the review too. The book sounds really good, and immediately buying the next is a great endorsement. Happy moving and reading!

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    1. Thanks Diana, we are gradually moving into the new build – it feels like having a whole extra house attached to the original!

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