Excerpt and a (bit) more cover: THE PRINCE’S HEIR #EPICFANTASY

Now THE PRINCE’S HEIR is in the editing phase, I’m turning (some) of my attention to all that comes next, such as setting up a release schedule to include:

  • cover reveal
  • excerpts
  • keeping tabs on timings for formatting and publishing on various platforms
  • advertising schedule
  • pre-orders (Amazon and ?)
  • shares on other blogs
  • updating ALL my author info on far too many platforms!
  • anything else I’ve forgotten

In fact, I have not one, but TWO cover reveals coming up shortly!

Having changed cover artist after book #1 – nothing against the artist who did my first cover, but she’s also an author, writing other books and doing her own covers, so with time issues to be considered it made more sense to go with a dedicated cover artist, in this case, the fabulous RAVVEN – books #2, #3, and #4 are a clear set. And so the time has come, no matter how much I love the original cover of THE PRINCE’S MAN, to recover it to match the set.

There is also the up-and-coming boxset to be taken into consideration…

But more of that next post! For now, here is a bit more of THE PRINCE’S HEIR

And to go with that teaser, another short excerpt:



Betha’s cry died in a gurgle as her mouth filled with rancid water. She flailed wildly, seeking Marten’s hand, but his fingers were long gone. Dragged down by her sodden skirts, every snatched breath marked a victory as she struggled to keep her face above the churning floodwater. Leaves, branches, lumps of unspecified matter—most of it hard, and all of it threatening—tangled in her hair, her clothing, around her arms and legs. Incongruously cheery sunlight glittered on the ruffled surface until, suddenly, Betha plunged into darkness. Her swirling, uncontrolled passage halted with a crash as she slammed into a stand of semi-submerged trees. Her chest caved in below her left arm, the sickening crunch of breaking bones sending a wave of mixed messages to her brain.

The current no longer held her captive. Her head was above water, and yet she could not breathe; her lungs refused to expand and her mouth gaped in a silent wail. She clung to a narrow trunk, thick canopy foliage brushing the top of her head and blocking out the light. Ecstasy flooded her senses, the pain of her shattered ribcage transformed by her personal magic, and yet panic closed her throat as sparkles flashed across her vision, and she realised if she didn’t breathe soon, she would die.

If anyone will have space to help me out with spots on their blogs (guest posts, excerpts, 10 questions, anything you like…) when it comes to release day (early December), please let me know.


  1. Count me in for whatever help you need, Deborah. I love this series.

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    1. Thanks Jacqui, that’s fab 😀

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  2. Deb, congrats girl. You’re a machine! I love the styling of the series covers and totally get that you must change the already beautiful and recognizable Prince’s Man book 1 cover to go with the set. Loving the styling of the covers, and love how you could blank off half the cover to keep the mystery. As you know, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be in the UK at that time, and I won’t be blogging regularly, but will happy to share your launch when the time comes. Would you like to do a Q & A with me? I can send you what’s involved. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, yes please. If we get it set up enough in advance it won’t take much effort nearer the time. Needless to say, I’m hard at work on the equestrian book now, and need to get to edits on the novel asap.

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      1. Okay beautiful. I’ll send you an email later (my time, lol) with the Q & A sheet, you can do at your leisure and let me know when you would like me to post. So excited for you ❤ xx

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