August bonanza book sales #EpicFantasy

Just a quick post as I’m racing towards the end of the big bang climax of The Five Kingdoms book #4, and I’ve started wrapping up the epilogue at the same time. So nervous about what people will say about how I’ve handled it, but this month was a confidence booster in terms of sales.

Now, I’m not a big seller. Outside of promos, if I sell at least one book a day, I’m happy.

For some strange reason, during this August- traditionally a slack month for book sales because people are out and about, doing stuff – I sold 54 books at full price, with little advertising effort.

I run constant BookBub and Amazon ads with a tiny spend of $5 – $10 a month, and this month was no different. I gave away 4 short stories – less than usual.

I have no explanation. Nearly all the sales were in the US (none in the UK at all, with a handful in Australia). 46 were on Amazon (including one paperback), 3 on Apple, and 5 on B&N.

Even more pleasing, the sell though of The Five Kingdoms novels from #1, THE PRINCE’S MAN, through #2 and #3, was near enough 100% – I love my readers!

This past 18 months has been so unpredictable because there is no precedent. Trends keep changing, catching everyone on the back foot. All I know is, I can’t wait to get this next book out to complete the series, and also get the box set up and running.

Then I plan on investigating audio.

So, I was wondering, how were your sales last month?


  1. Deb that’s fantastic. I always appreciate you sharing your sales records. Do you think the boost in sales is still runoff from the Bookbub ads? x


    1. Honestly, no. I think it’s too far past that, and I’ve had a few months of around 30 sales, although who can be sure? My figures are more consistent this year, so is that due to the promo, or to changed reading habits with the pandemic?

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      1. Now that’s a good question!

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  2. Great news on your sales, Debby, and you’ve convinced me. I am definitely planning to try some Amazon ads as soon as I’m back up to full speed around here, and I’ll be looking into Bookbub and others. Thanks so much for sharing these very helpful posts with us! 🤗💗

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    1. PS, Forgot! (Blame it on COVID brain!) Congratulations on getting close to the finish line on Book 4! I’m planning to binge read the whole series from start to finish when it’s done. Woohoo!! 😁

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      1. Ooh, excellent! Once I’ve finished the equestrian book, I may do the same myself, before I start into the next batch of books. Or I may write something else entirely, I have several half started ideas. I’ll see how I feel once I’ve slogged my way through writing non-fiction for months.

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    2. My pleasure. Advertising is something I’d rather not spend my time on, but it does work.

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