This year’s #garden

I am still hard at work on the final book in this Five Kingdom’s cycle – THE PRINCE’S HEIR – currently working out the exact sequence of events in the huge climax this 4 book sequence has been leading up to.

I’m also putting a few sample chapters together for my equestrian publisher for their new book too, so as I’ve said before, not much time for blogging just now. Pity, because I miss it, but there you go. Something had to give, and this blog is currently it.

As promised, and as the building work is at a standstill just now due to the countrywide shortage of timber holding up the arrival of our roof trusses,

I’m going to share a few photos of this year’s garden.

For those of you new-ish to my blog, the garden was a lockdown reclamation project following several years of neglect. We are pretty pleased with how its coming along, and looking forward to the increasing maturity over the next year or two.

Please excuse the lighting, many of these were taken late evening, as the sun was too bright earlier in the day – so unusual in the Highlands!

And some of the baskets

The vegetable garden is pretty full this year

And we finally reclaimed the last bed we didn’t manage to get to last year, now growing a peach tree and more strawberries – yum!

The polytunnel is overflowing with tomato plants, but not as nicely organised as last year, hence no photos! I also missed out a couple of the flower beds as they are fenced off at the moment to (try) to keep the dogs off them, while the poor woofers are confined to a tiny portion of the garden due to the building work.

Hope you enjoyed a little trip around our continuing project, and I will keep you updated about everything else as and when I have a spare moment – thanks for continuing to visit.


  1. Well done with the garden, my son’s a builder so I have heard all about the wood shortage and other things. some of their customers choose all sorts of exotic materials and that has been even more of a problem.

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    1. I can imagine! People are being advised not to start building projects at the moment, but we’ve been waiting over a year to get this underway and I couldn’t bear to wait any longer!


  2. Kimberley Battleday · · Reply

    Lol the peach tree is a lazy plum and a cherry

    Sent from Mail for Windows

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    1. Aha! Cherry, of course!


  3. Jane Sturgeon · · Reply

    Debby, you have done amazing work in your garden. A huge amount of work. I hope your roof trusses arrive soon. Hugs and much love to you both. xXx ❤

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    1. Thanks Jane, it is a labour of love, and I really do love it!

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  4. Deb your gardens are beautiful. What a job taking care of all the different plants. I’m sure there are no spare minutes in your days. You go girl! ❤

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    1. Spare minutes? No. But I do love the tranquility of gardening – it’s about the only time my brain goes into neutral, so it gets some rest 😀

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      1. I get that. 🙂

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