#BookReview: WITCHY BUSINESS by Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp #Supernatural

I’m still snowed under with stuff to do, and about to set off again on the long haul south to teach (and judge at the British Dressage Winter Championships – yay!), so just a quick book review this week.

Witchy Business (Witch Detectives #1)Witchy Business by Eve Paludan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this up because the cover suggested a light, amusing read. Turns out it isn’t. Nor is it a serious read, but it’s definitely not the snarky, fun book I was looking for. That said, it’s well written and intriguing, so I did read it despite being a touch miffed about being misled as to the genre.
Elle Chambers is an enchantress – a witch with low grade powers. Or so she’s had drummed into her. Based in Edinburgh, she earns a living as an insurance investigator, and her latest case comes complete with a seriously hot, wealthy art collector who shows a mutual interest in Elle.
But then her liaison with the coven, Rebecca, along with another seriously hot prospect, the magically tattooed warlock, Evert, warns her off the case without giving any clear reason.
And that’s for me the weakest part of the plot. Rebecca all but kidnaps Elle, and the dangerously brooding Evert tells her to stay away from Niall, the art collector, but they never give a good reason, nor does Elle demand one. Why would she listen to them, when they don’t tell her why? Of course, she doesn’t listen to them and continues to see Niall, but that entire scene bugged me the whole way through, hence the 4 stars.
This is a different take on witches and vampires, and I would be interested to see where it goes next so I may buy the next in series once I’ve read the light, amusing novel I was looking for when I opened this one up!

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  1. Another fun and honest review. Another good example about how book covers lead us to expect something. Font matters. That font suggest fun and whimsy. 🙂 x

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    1. You got it! I checked the cover out again after writing the review, and it’s without doubt the font that gives that impression, not the image.
      Goes to show how important all the components of a cover can be. Thanks for taking a look at it.

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      1. Spot on Deb! 🙂

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