Are you making the most of your Amazon Author Central account? #EditorialReviews

I’m assuming you have your Amazon Author page set up?

If not, then do so right away!

Your author page is where customers can find all your books in one place, and links to your blog too. They find it by clicking on your name, on your book’s sale page

And this is what it should look like when they get there:

For a detailed guide on how to set you your page, take a look at this post:

How to Setup Amazon Author Central and Your Author Page (

This came up because Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur raised the question of using the ‘Editorial Reviews’ section on our book sale pages, and that can only be edited via Amazon Author Central (US)

Editorial reviews are generally traditionally reviews from such sources as newspapers and the larger, well-respected paid review sites such as Kirkus:

I don’t have any from that type of source, so I’d added a couple from review sites I’d submitted to, but that was it.

Now I realise you can add snippets of any reviews you care to, provided you credit the review’s author, so that’s what I’ve done for THE PRINCE’S MAN. I plan to do the same for my other books, one each week, so it doesn’t take up a block of my writing time.

It was great fun looking back through the reviews and picking a few sentences here and there to include in the Editorial Review section.

This is what I ended up with:

“You can’t help but get caught up in the amazing world that Jay presents to her readers. At times I felt like I was watching a reel, I was so caught up in Jay’s descriptions of each and every scene.” Pure Jonel Book Reviews *****

“This newly created world is firm, there are no gaps or jumps of reasoning. One creature, idea, magic or bit of history flows right into the next. Characters that appear substantial at the beginning of the book do nothing but grow and evolve as their backstory unfolds behind them.” Rosie’s Book Reviews ***** 

This award-winning story, the first in the Five Kingdoms series, is intricately woven, dramatically told, and filled with twists and turns that will keep every reader guessing.” Jacqui Murray, Vine Voice *****

The writing is exquisite, layered with beautifully detailed descriptions of enthralling realms, fantastical creatures, and breathless adventure. From the moment I opened the first pages, I was sucked into the author’s expertly crafted world of intrigue and danger. A truly engaging story.” Author Mae Clair *****

“Unlike other fantasy books `The Prince’s Man’ is supremely singular, and a tale that’s so intricately woven you cannot help but get lost within it. I was so mesmerized by the detailed descriptions, tangible world-building and intricate narrative that I just did not want to put this book down. I have no hesitation in placing it alongside Hobb, Feist, Martin and Brooks upon my bookshelf.” Lucinda, Amazon purchaser *****

Huge thanks to everyone who leaves reviews on my books, and every author’s – they are SO important to us!


  1. Great advice. I’ve been adding editorial reviews little by little. I think it makes a difference, and every little bit helps!

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    1. I think so too, and this pushed me to review my own, which can only be a good thing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Are you making the most of your Amazon Author Central account? #EditorialReviews […]


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