Apparently my mind is ‘iridescent’… #fantasy

One of my equestrian clients quizzed me the other day about my books. She’s Scottish, so my Caledonian Sprite series intrigued her, despite the fact she hadn’t read a fiction novel in 30 years!

Here is what she said:

‘…the big news is I read a book – fiction – not my usual thing at all 😳😳😳 I couldn’t put it down , absolutely loved it and was sorry when it came to an end What an interesting and iridescent mind you must have.’

I LOVE that descriptor – an ‘iridescent’ mind – and told her I would be stealing it.

Considering the nature of my main character (an immortal water sprite, an elemental, a true spirit of nature), and the things she gets up to, it’s pretty appropriate.

I spend most of my time promoting my Five Kingdoms series because it has wider appeal and therefore sells better than the sprite novels, which are a little hard to categorise – urban fantasy is the nearest, but while it has the usual suspects (vampires, witches etc.) it doesn’t have a weapon-bearing, or magic-wielding central character.

Cassie IS magical; it’s simply her nature.

These books are also designed to highlight environmental issues – one reviewer called them ‘eco-urban fantasy’. If only Amazon had such a category!

The other challenges with DESPRITE MEASURES are the cover – Amazon won’t allow you to advertise a book with a cover depicting a naked woman – even though it’s just a bare back, and happens to be a scene from the book – and the title, which I love (I’m a pun fan), but which some read as a spelling mistake!

I’m 6 chapters into writing the next Cassie book, but decided to finish the Five Kingdoms quartet first, (money, once again). So once THE PRINCE’S HEIR is done, I’ll get on with the next Caledonian Sprite novel. This one already has a cover, and I’ve decided that much though I love the original cover of DESPRITE MEASURES, I’m going to pay for a new one, taking into account Amazon’s advertising rules, and also the title font, which could, to my mind, be clearer. I already have that in hand, using a similar but clearer font on the cover of the short story, SPRITE NIGHT, and on the new cover: SPRITEFUL LIES

Isn’t that lovely? And I found it as a premade, which is why I already have it, despite not having yet finished writing the book.

So, today’s post was inspired by that lovely description of my mind, but has ended up being a bit of a personal exploration about the challenges of promoting a book that just doesn’t fit comfortably in a standard Amazon category, and the frustration of Amazon’s many rules on what you can, and can’t, advertise.

If any of you have any bright ideas I haven’t considered on either topic, I’d be only too happy to hear them!

****BTW, THE PRINCE’S MAN #1 The Five Kingdoms is on sale at $0.99 this week****,


  1. Deb, I love the cover! And you know I love Cassie. I concur, you have an iridescent imagination, lol.
    Fab review, and you know I’ll be anxiously awaiting the new book! Give me a buzz when you’re doling out ARCs ❤

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    1. Thanks, Deb, and I sure will!

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  2. Very pretty covers, Deborah. Thanks for bringing your other series to my attention!

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    1. I do love this series, they are such fun to write, if only I can figure out how to market them!

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      1. Fantasy is so broad that I understand the challenge!

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  3. I love that description–iridescent. I can see why that stuck with you. I didn’t know about Amazon covers. My latest–the woman is naked but you can’t tell because she’s in shadows. I wonder what Amazon will say about that…

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    1. If you don’t intend to advertise it, there’s no problem (I only ever advertise book #1 in a series, so that’s the critical one). If you do, I’d say you have about a 50:50 chance.
      There are all sorts of rules about what you can and can’t have on a cover in an advert – the other main one I know about is not being allowed to have a gun that points at the reader. You can point it any other way, but not outward from the cover. No idea what they think the difference is, but that’s Amazon for you.

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      1. I would dump them but really, I can’t! And they just sent me a big check for sales so I guess I’ll smile and try to get along.

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