Waving farewell to 2020

Like many others, I am going to take a blogging break for a couple of weeks over the holiday period.

It seems a little strange calling it that, as much of 2020 has seemed like a rather long, enforced holiday, which has come with even harsher rules for the next few weeks, courtesy of the new COVID strain zipping its way through the UK.

Ah well, as I’ve mentioned (just a few times), the Scottish Highlands is one of the best places to be, and we’ll make the most of it, just as we did back in March.

When I return I’ll bring you a full analysis of how my BookBub Featured Deal panned out, suffice it to say I’m still selling around 20 books a day at the moment, at full price…

So for the time being, here are some Christmas funnies to help lighten everybody’s mood

See you all in the new year – have a good one!


  1. Gwen M. Plano · · Reply

    Enjoy the holidays, and thank you for the chuckles this morning. πŸ˜‚

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    1. My pleasure Gwen, see you on the other side!


  2. Hilarious funnies – ‘The Christmas tree fainted’ LOLOL. Wow, so neat to hear the Bookbub ad still paying off! Amazing. And yes, I hear you Deb, it’s weird to say vacation. But we all need a time out. I aim to take off a few after this week too. Time to regroup. Have a fabulous and safe holiday in the Highlands, and see you when you come back. Hugs xox ❀

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    1. Glad I could bring a smile to your day πŸ˜€
      Have a good break, and see you on the other side ❀

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      1. Yes my friend. Same to you ❀

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  3. Enjoy your holidays and cute funnies!

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  4. Some great ones in this batch, Debby! Thanks so much for the laughs! I hope you enjoy your blogging break, and that you have the merriest Christmas possible under current conditions. And here’s wishing us all a brighter, happier, EASIER 2021!

    Happy Holidays, my friend!

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    1. πŸ˜€ Glad you enjoyed them, and Happy Holidays to you too!

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  5. brought a smile to my face today! Blessings of the season!

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    1. And to you too πŸ˜€

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  6. That was very fun, Deborah. Love this touch of humor as I hide my head in the sand, ponder pulling it out.

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    1. I know what you mean!


  7. I hope you’re having a lovely break, Deborah. Thanks for the laughs and I look forward to your Bookbub wrap up. πŸ™‚

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    1. Cheers, glad you enjoyed them. ‘See’ you again soon with that in-depth wrap up post.

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      1. Oh, and Happy New Year too!

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      2. And to you too!

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