#BookReview – WISP by Adele Marie Park #fantasy

I’m really busy with work just now, catching up on what could not be done during lockdown, but I’m also continuing to read (and write), so here is my latest book review:

WISP by Adele Marie Park

Love this cover – gorgeous and mysterious


Edra; a world where magic flourishes and where dark secrets are concealed by those who rule. Secrets which can get the innocent killed without a thought.

When the body of an elf is discovered in a treacherous area of the city, Wisp a young Law Enforcer is assigned the case. He soon realises the case is far from simple. As soon as he finds one thread another one leads him to unravel a tapestry woven from lies, secrets, corruption and evil. When friendship turns to love, Wisp`s life, as he knew it will completely change.

What started out as a murder case ends in a grisly battle which Wisp and his companions seem to have no chance of winning.

And my review:

WispWisp by Adele Marie Park
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This starts off like any murder mystery – except for the players. A dead elf, and a marsh faerie law enforcer who is hiding what he is. So starts a tale that transforms quickly from the expected into a story of epic scale originating in a past war with dark echoes that bring unavoidable pain and horror to a new generation. There is also love, against a backdrop of betrayal and secrets that keeps you turning the pages.
The world building has satisfying scope and detail, and the characters all shine with clear thoughts and motivations. This is a complete story, but with huge dangling threads at the end to lead on into the next book, which I plan on reading.
My reason for 4 stars rather than 5? It isn’t one of my favourite writing styles: omniscient viewpoint, so plenty of head-hopping, and large sections of text with ‘he’ and ‘him’ without qualification, so I sometimes had to concentrate too hard on deciding which ‘he’ and ‘him’ was being referred to. This is personal taste, and in no way detracts from the highly imaginative plot and world.

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  1. Oh wow, thank you so much for this lovely review. I’m made up that you liked the story. Thank you, Deborah. ❤

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    1. It’s definitely a page turner!

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  2. […] via #BookReview – WISP by Adele Marie Park #fantasy […]


  3. Clever characters for a murder mystery. Definitely different from the norm. Good point about the head hopping–me too!

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  4. This is a lovely review, Deborah. I recently read a short story of Adele’s that I thought was excellent. I have this book and am determined to read it soon.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your review, Deborah. I read the first in the series and it’s nice to the see the second getting some good press. 🙂


  6. Great review, Deborah. The second book is excellent. I think Adele’s found her writer’s shoes as she settles into her own personal style in book two. I hope you’ll give it a read. The story unfolds in some surprising ways. ❤

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    1. Colleen, it was your review of book #2 that prompted me to dig Wisp out of my TBR pile. I’m glad you did, and I intend to read the second one – I love great imaginations even when the writing style doesn’t sit so well with me. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

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      1. I’m so glad you will read on. Adele and I have had to grow into our writing. We both have a fabulous editor now. It really helps. I know you love great imaginations, as you possess one as well. ❤

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      2. 😁 Why thank you ma’am

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  7. Fab review for Adele’s book. She must be over the moon. ❤

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    1. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in the next one 😁👍

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  8. Well done Adele, and lovely review from Deborah. And I enjoyed the second in the series too. ❤

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    1. The second one is now in my TBR pile 😀


      1. Awesome Deborah. 🙂

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