#BookReview – THE ARCHANGEL by Elicia Hyder #paranormal #supernatural

I’m busy writing (yay!) the next in my Caledonian Sprite series, so today I’m going to share my last review of 2019, a new novella in the Soul Summoner series I have been so enjoying.

You can find my other reviews of books in this series here, suffice it to say this supernatural/paranormal series has captivated me sufficiently that I signed up to Elicia Hyder’s ARC team, so I get to read each new one before official release.

If you like angels, demons, a whole heap of tension and action, mixed with regular life and romance, plus a fantastic way with dialogue, you’ll enjoy these, I guarantee it.

There are now 8 books in the series, plus 3 companion novellas, of which this is the latest.


The Archangel: An Azrael Story (The Soul Summoner)

The Archangel: An Azrael Story by Elicia Hyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This precursor novella to the Soul Summoner series fills in the back story of Warren’s parents – the human woman Nadine, and the Archangel of Death, Azrael.
It’s a pleasure to finally get inside Az’s head, and at the same time heart-rending, because you know the final outcome, and yet you still can’t help but hope it might turn out different this time.
It’s a quick read, but really well worth it as ever with Hyder’s stories – well written, great dialogue, super characterisation. Yes, I’m a fan (have been from the first book), but I always read new work with an open mind, and I’m thrilled to say I haven’t been disappointed yet in any of this series.

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  1. A great review, Debby. I’m adding this to my list, for sure! 🙂

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    1. You’ll enjoy them, I’m sure. I’ve found it quite fun comparing your take on Azrael with the one in this series.


  2. I’ll bet. I did do some research on Azrael before I wrote The Emissary, and settled on who he would be based on what I found. But, of course, I gave him a personality right out of my own imagination. 😀 Since my books aren’t meant to be serious dogma, I figured I had some leeway. And he made me laugh. 😀

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    1. Oh, he sure does bring the laughs. Hyder’s version is much more serious, but not based too closely on serious dogma either. That’s the beauty of taking an angel and making him what you want – no one can say you got it wrong!


      1. 😀 😀 😀 Fantasy ROCKS!

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      2. Sure does! 👍


  3. Soul-summoner and Archangel–what a combination (says one who hasn’t read the series). Sounds excellent.

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    1. It is, believe me. The first book starts off very gently, with not even a hint of the supernatural, but ends up unfolding a beautifully created paranormal world that just keeps on developing through the series.


  4. Deb! Thanks for this great review. I love these stories. Going to check out. But so glad to learn you’re bring back Cassie!!! ❤

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    1. Cheers! I adore writing about Cassie, she’s such fun, but I need to figure out how to market her stories, as she doesn’t fit neatly in a category, and the cover isn’t acceptable to Amazon for advertising, because her bare back is classed as nudity 😦

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      1. You have gottttttttttttttttt to be kidding!!!!


      2. Sadly not. I’m going to have to get the cover re-done to comply with their strict ‘no nudity’ policy 😦

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      3. That’s just crazy! 😦

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      4. Tell me about it; that’s Amazon for ya!

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