#BookReview – SOUL DESTROYER by Elicia Hyder #paranormal #angels

First, the good news: I’ve started writing again!

I’ve begun both a Rustam short story, and a Caledonian Sprite novel. Both characters are immense fun to write, and just at the moment, Cassie Lake’s sassy, snarky outlook on life resonates with me.

The downside is you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the final instalment of the Five Kingdoms series, The Prince’s Heir, though I’m hopeful that my mind will work its magic, and while writing the others, come up with the plot details I need to write that one.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on some reading – what a luxury!

And, of course, reading means reviewing, because, readers, never forget

This time, I’m reviewing book #7 in Elicia Hyder’s SOUL SUMMONER SERIES

Not heard of this series? Take a look at my review of Book 1, The Soul Summoner

If you’re mad about angels, you won’t want to miss this series, believe me.


The Soul Destroyer (The Soul Summoner Book 7)The Soul Destroyer by Elicia Hyder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elicia Hyder’s Soul Summoner series continues with book #7, The Soul Destroyer.
Warren has succeeded his father, Azrael, as Archangel of Death, but his unique approach to the job, coloured by his former human life on Earth, is ruffling a few feathers. Add to that a series of particularly gruesome murders in Venice, where his personal sigil is carved into the bodies, plus the angelic council’s order that he must bring his beloved daughter, Iliana, to Eden to become a seraph—a child who will never grow up—he’s finding life as an angel rather challenging.
This fresh entry in the series is as well written and readable as all the previous books. Hyder’s characters are so well drawn you feel if you met them in the street you could strike up an easy conversation with them.
Having said that, I did find this book a little pedestrian compared with earlier volumes. The story was there, but slow to unfold, with, for my taste, too much time spent extolling the loveliness of Eden.
Ah, Eden. That was my other problem with this book. Eden appears to be very much a perfected version of middle-class America – far too ‘Stepford Wives’ for my taste and comfort. I would hate it. And what about all the masses of generations that have gone before, over thousands of years, and from all those other cultures? Where would they be living? Surely not in cosy family homes with pools in the backyard?
I appreciate this might only show us a tiny slice of Eden, but I would have liked at least a suggestion of more variety.
I will, of course, be buying the next book, because the core story is irresistible, but I’m hoping for something just a little more enthralling next time out.

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If you’ve read the previous books, I still recommend you read this one, despite my small niggles.

You can find it on Amazon here.


  1. 7 books in the series! I love it. Sounds good, Elicia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And more to come yet 😀
      Each book has its own completed arc, which is very important to me – I find genuine cliff hangers dishonest – though the ongoing central arc keeps me coming back for the next. And the next. Good writing, in my opinion!


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